Montana Dry Fly Fishing – Heads Or Tails By Todd Moen

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Special thanks to Pete Corbett for the quality angling on the Circle 3 Spring Creek.
Camera Work, Editing and Production by Todd Moen Creative.

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In this bass fishing episode I head to Ypsilanti, MI in search of some Huron river smallies! I had an incredible time fishing such a beautiful part of Michigan and I can’t wait to go back!
Huge thanks to Chris and James from Schultz Outfitters for taking me out and teaching me how to target river smallies with a fly rod. If you’re in the Ypsilanti, MI area and want to experience amazing fishing like I did, check out and book a trip!

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TBH idek lol

▪️Sunglasses: Hoven Monix

1080p 60fps
GoPro HERO 4 Silver
GoPro HERO 3+ Black
GoPro HERO 3+ Silver
Sony A5100
GoPro Mic:



▪️Water Temperature: fairly warm

▪️Water Clarity: drinking water

▪️Wind: 0-5 mph

▪️Air Temperature: 80

▪️Water Depth: 2-5ft

▪️ Location: Ypsilanti, MI on the Huron River

► Music:
Time Lapse – FatRat
Summer Smile



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Action And Adventure On A Small Stream Huge Trout!!

This is Darren from England. He was out here and was doing some work for “Hardy”. I was lucky enough to guide him. We were using a 5# Hardy Zenith, normally this grunty Fly Rod would have no problems dealing with New Zealand trout, however because of the tight restricted conditions this river has, we probably should have used a 6#. The water is spring fed and even in the middle of Summer, the water is very very cold. Because of this it has a high Oxygen level and therefore the trout have an endless supply of energy. Put both of those things together and in short we were under gunned! We were using a big Dry fly, Cicada pattern that these guys wolfed down and then all hell broke lose. Darren did a fantastic job both casting and then fighting these strong Rainbow Trout. Check this out. Please subscribe to my channel and like and share if you feel it is worthy. tight lines Shane.…

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Trout Fishing with fly rods. We made the 1,625 mile drive from MI to fish the famed Missouri river in Montana. Mostly a dry fly and emerger bite. Three trips to the river are combined into this one video.

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Catch N Cook Over Night Jungle Adventure EP.351

This is a great catch n cook video where I explore the jungle on an over night adventure. I catch so many fish, most of them aren’t even used in the video. I catch mangrove jack or mangrove snapper as well as Barramundi or Barra, many Tarpon, a Bream and a Gudgeon.

I end up catching and cooking a Tarpon on an open fire in true bush style. I have never done a catch n cook for a Tarpon and it’s interesting to see what tarpon tastes like. I sleep in my hammock with my sleeping bag, pillow and ground mat. There are many cool fish strikes and lure attacks in this video. Jacks or Snapper just love to attack top water lures.

I used Ecooda Jerk Bait lures in sizes 65mm and 85mm as well as SAKU snoop dog top water lures in size 70mm. I also used a Samaki Zing rod and an Ecooda Blackhawk II 2000 reel, spooled with Ecooda 20 pound braid.

Lively Lures – Cheers Alan Dolan
Be sure to check out the new ZIGGY’s they are amazing!

Sunglasses By MAKO
Lenses I’m using
Mirror Blue – G2H5

Computer & Editing

• Computer-Apple Mac Pro 2013

• Editing Suite-Final Cut Pro X (FCPx)

Camera’s used:

• Main camera-Gopro Hero 3
My usual settings – 1080p, 30fps, Med FOV, full auto.

• Underwater Camera-Gopro Hero 3
My usual settings – 1080p, 60fps, Wide FOV, full auto.

• Zoom Camera-Panasonic HCV180
My usual settings – 1080p, 50fps, full auto.

• Drone Camera-Phantom 3 Standard
My usual settings – 2k7, full auto.

Boat: (about ,000 fully fitted out with gear)

• Hull-Goldrush Aggressor 5.6m

• Motor-Yamaha F60

• Electric motor – Motor Guide Xi5

• Sounder-Hummingbird 798csi

Canoe & Kayak:

Wheels by Wheeleez AU-

Canoe-Old Town Discovery119

Kayak-Australia Bass

Rods n Reels:

• Rod-Samaki Zing 5’4″ 4-10lb SZG-541SL

• Reel-Ecooda Blackhawk2 2000

• Reel-Finnor Rampage 2000

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise SS-681-1 (120g)

• Jigging Rod-Hearty Rise 53S-500 (500g)

• Jigging Reel-Finnor Lethal LT100

• Fly rod-Gavin Hurley #9 Saltwater Guide Series

• Fly Reel-Gavin Hurley #8/9 Saltwater Series

• Fly Line-Rio Tropical Clear Tip

My 4×4
Landrover Discovery 1995 model.
Faithful old girl, but need lots of maintenance.

4×4 Driving LED Lights by – Auxbeam
S4-series led headlight bulbs
V-series 32 inch RGBW led light bar

Filleting Knife:
Buck – Fishlocker Black B549-BK-0

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Sound tracks made using Garageband. Some video’s are also made using Youtube’s Free Audio Library as the soundtrack.

Guiding inquiries welcome, please e-mail or message me.

Catch and Cook Playlist

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Andy’s Choice Playlist…

The Complete Angler – Full Length Version

The Complete Angler is a film by James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer). It documents Prosek’s travels as he walks in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer, Izaak Walton—”research” for his senior thesis at Yale. The film focuses on Walton’s book, The Compleat Angler, a book that many have heard of but few have actually read.

Chapter 1 – James leaves Connecticut for Ireland and England, catching a few trout in his home streams and musing about his youth, fishing, and some Waltonian ideals. He visits the library at Yale and examines a first edition of Walton’s Compleat Angler from 1653. Then he sits for a reading of Yeat’s poem, The Song of Wandering Aengus, by Harold Bloom.

Chapter 2 – James goes to Ireland to experience the earliest form of fly-fishing, dapping live mayflies impaled on fine-wire hooks for brown trout on the lakes of the Connemara region. He visits with a boy who collects and sells live mayflies to the fishermen, and salmon fishes along the Eriff River.

Chapter 3 – James fishes a tributary of the Thames in London that Walton fished three hundred and fifty years before, the River Lea. Walton was forced out of London during the English Civil War and returned to the pastoral beauty of his homeland in Derbyshire and the beautiful River Dove in the Peak District.

Chapter 4 – James visits the “fishing temple” on the River Dove, which Charles Cotton (considered the father of modern fly-fishing) built in honor of his friend Izaak Walton.

Chapter 5 – James fishes with Sir John Swire, an upper-class Englishman who talks about his love of fishing and of Izaak Walton’s ideals and life philosophy.

Chapter 6 – James visits Victoria Wakefield who helped him secure fishing on the renowned chalk streams, the Test and Itchen in Hampshire. She introduces him to Roger Harrison, who owns a beautiful stretch of water on the Itchen with lots of wild trout. There, James encounters a milkmaiden.

Final Chapter – James visits Izaak Walton’s grave in a chapel in Winchester Cathedral, and discusses the last years of his life. Then he sings a song in a meadow by the river and returns to the fishing at the pond near his home in Connecticut.

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Fly Fishing Knots, The Albright Knot. Backing To Fly Line.

Attaching fly line to backing using the Albright Knot.

Years ago we would have to tie our oun loops to the back end of the fly line to attach our running line. The nail knot, tied with a tube is easier but when we expect to be into our backing with every hook up I want a knot that will slide thru the rods guide smoothly. The nail knot does this fine, but when you have a fast bone fish, or permit, salmon, or steelhead, you want a knot that won’t strip the outer coating of the fly line. Now days it seems all the fly line makers are putting a loop on the back end of the lines. Here we show you how to tie the Albright Knot.

Boise Idaho’s Premier Fly Fishing & Casting School.
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Spey & Switch Casting…