Simms Fly Fishing Videos: Dry Fly Fly Fishing For Trout With Stoneflies And Salmonflies

In this short Simms fly fishing video, Jake Dodd catching trout on dry flies during a golden stone and salmonfly hatch. Jake fishes a fly called a “chubby” with a great stonefly profile – a good dry fly to fish when there are various stonefly species hatching.…

Using Buzzers – Trout Rigs, Tips & Techniques For Successful Fly Fishing

This video from shows you tips and tricks to using the deadly trout buzzers on stillwaters fly fishing. Trout Buzzers are often overlooked in preference to trout lures with lots of marabou for movement and streamers which are stripped across reservoirs and lakes for Brown and Rainbow Trout. However you will find buzzer flies are deadly and as the adult midges hatch from buzzers 365 days per year these are a natural food souce every day of the year.

Many fly fishermen have llittle success with trout buzzer flies, almost always because they try stripping like a lure. Buzzer fly fishing is slow or static sport but hugely successful and productive all year round.

Find out more tips, tricks, rigs and techniques in using trout buzzers to make each visit deadly on your visits to lakes, reservoirs and your favorite stillwater. Buzzers are our favorite Trout flies for good reason, they help us catch the biggest fish!

This video contains buzzer close up video for you to see the movement of the pupae as well as some great fishing and catching of Rainbow and Brown Trout on the fly.

Trout Buzzers are part of the great fly range found at …