Steelhead Dreams Part 2 – British Columbia Steelhead Fly Fishing

This month 5 years ago, Steelhead Dreams Part 1 and 2 were created for Catch Magazine’s 15th and 16th edition back in 2010-2011. From the vault for the first time, T- Motion Theater presents Steelhead Dreams Part 2. Part 2 follows a mother, father and daughter growing up in the backcountry of British Columbia. Years later the mother/daughter team– guide Hannah Belford and her incredible mother, Alice–are still working harder than ever operating a world class Steelhead Lodge in Northern B.C.
Camera work and editing by Todd Moen.
Pulled from the Catch Magazine Vault – Shot and edited October 2010 for Catch Magazine.

Special thanks to Hannah Belford.
Hannah can be contacted through her websites below.

Andy Ramsay – Summit Heli

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*Camera Information*
– Panasonic HMC-150…

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