Fly Fishing Steelhead For Beginners – Part 3 – Nymph Fishing For Steelhead

This is Part 3 in our series, “Nymph Fishing for Steelhead”. We use this technique on all sorts of rivers including the Methow, Wenatchee, Klickitat, Deschutes, John Day, Grande Ronde, and many more. It is very effective and similar to the fly fishing tactics used for trout. In this video, a Switch Rod and a Wulff Ambush Line was used.…

3 Fly Fishing Legends | Cast Northwest | Episode 5

Meet fishing legends Fred Philpot, Bob Clay and Rob Brown. Join Captain Quinn as he swaps fishing stories of 30 lbs Steelhead with Fred Philpot then learns the craft of bambo fishing rod building with Bob Clay. Finally, embark on a fishing adventure with writer and expert angler Rob Brown.

Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments | Cast Northwest with Captain Quinn

1.Fly fishing for wild salmon and steelhead 2.Exploring wild places 3.Interacting with incredible people who are living lifestyles that honour their connection to this planet. Follow Captain Quinn on his journey to explore the connection between happiness and a healthy environment.

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