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Brothers On The Fly – Swedish Lapland Fly Fishing Full Film

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A film about three brothers fishing Swedish Lapland together!

At the time, I filmed with the idea in mind of making a film for just my brothers and me. After uploading two shortfilms however, people encouraged me to upload the full film, so: Here it is!!

Since this wasn’t supposed to be made public, I didnt have a script or any plan while filming. Still, I’m quite happy with the result. I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

Don’t expect fishporn!

Interested in the DVD/Blueray? Let me know!

Check out my younger brother as a musician on Facebook and Vimeo: Tom Rollin

If you want to fish Swedish Lapland and perhaps even visit those exact places,
visit my “Swedish” brother’s company’s website!

PS: Sorry for all the smoking!! Smoking is BAD but I just can’t get them to quit or at least not smoke on camera 😉

Kurt Vile – Nicotine Blues
Alexander Blue – Emptiness
Jason Shaw – Plantation
SaRaGeMa – Water
Lohstana David – Petit Talibe Instrumental
Charles Atlas – Photosphere
Father Sleep – Burgundy Reel
Gilicuddy – Jupiter The Blue
Jason Shaw – Acoustic Meditation
The Tallest Man On Earth – Love Is All…