Action And Adventure On A Small Stream Huge Trout!!

This is Darren from England. He was out here and was doing some work for “Hardy”. I was lucky enough to guide him. We were using a 5# Hardy Zenith, normally this grunty Fly Rod would have no problems dealing with New Zealand trout, however because of the tight restricted conditions this river has, we probably should have used a 6#. The water is spring fed and even in the middle of Summer, the water is very very cold. Because of this it has a high Oxygen level and therefore the trout have an endless supply of energy. Put both of those things together and in short we were under gunned! We were using a big Dry fly, Cicada pattern that these guys wolfed down and then all hell broke lose. Darren did a fantastic job both casting and then fighting these strong Rainbow Trout. Check this out. Please subscribe to my channel and like and share if you feel it is worthy. tight lines Shane.…

Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

Trout Fishing with fly rods. We made the 1,625 mile drive from MI to fish the famed Missouri river in Montana. Mostly a dry fly and emerger bite. Three trips to the river are combined into this one video.

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