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Music by Daniel Mehta for the fish of a thousand casts requires a superior fly rod. Catching a wild steelhead on a fly doesn’t happen on every cast, so choosing a great casting fly rod is paramount for enjoyment on the river. Red Truck Diesel and Premium fly rods offer the ultimate in design, materials, components and performance. Red Truck’s focused selection of Switch and Spey fly rods have you covered. From larger sized steelhead rivers to tighter, brush-lined streams, either our 13’7″ # Spey rod or our 11′ #7 Switch rod will bring shivers to your casting hands and chrome to the bank.…

Obsession – Fly Fishing For Giant Brown Trout In Oregon

We spent over five months filming and fishing for these trout to produce this film; researching and patterning them, trying to target large, predatory fish. It’s an obsession that you can’t control, when you begin to think about the “small factors” and how large of a role they can play, in your success on the water.

We’re a few young guys, who have a passion for fly fishing, and conveying our experiences. It’s been our joy to film these amazing fish, in the beautiful places they live; a true once in a lifetime experience!

This, is our OBSESSION and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to you all! Follow us on our fly fishing journey after giant brown trout!

It’s our passion to produce content, such as “Obsession”; the more follows, likes, shares and comments we get, the more content we are capable of producing! For more of our work, head on over to Facebook and give us a {LIKE} at…