Important Fly Fishing Essentials

Different people take up fly fishing in various ways. Some people take it as a hobby some take it a creative art form while there are others who take it as a luxury activity. Whatever might be your perceptions of fly fishing, it is one of the best activities to spend the weekends with great excitement and fun. It is an activity that can be taken up during a holiday adventure where fishing with loved ones can make perfect sense. So, what are the essentials that you require for fly fishing? Have a look below:

Rod for Fly Fishing

The rod is one of the most important tools that you will require for fly fishing. There are different types of rods available for this purpose. However, it is to be noted that fly fishing rods are entirely different from the rods available for conventional or regular fishing. Fly fishing rods are designed in an exclusive manner allowing the users to cast the fly and the fly line. Graphite compounds are used for constructing these rods.


Reels used for fly fishing are not as important as the fly fishing rods.  Fly fishing involves stripping the line without using the hand. Reels for fly fishing are available in primitive designs, and therefore they are not very expensive. Avid anglers palm the fly fishing reels for creating drag.


Fly fishing lines are specifically designed for this purpose. Lines for fly fishing are heavier in comparison to the traditional fishing lines.

Fishing Show: Trout Fishing Techniques – Angler’s View

Fishing show “Angler’s View” segment from Shaun Rickard’s Urban Outdoor Adventures

To view full length high quality episodes of the popular fishing and outdoor TV show, Urban Outdoor Adventures, with Host Shaun Rickard, simply follow this link: …

Fly Casting, The ROLL CAST

Fly Casting, The ROLL CAST More at
“Although it is not a slack line cast, the Roll Cast really is a special cast — it’s the foundation of all Spey casts and once mastered it opens up a myriad of extremely effective casts for both the single and two handed rod….”
– This tutorial, along with 9 other casts, the five essentials of fly casting and additional explanations are all available either for free download, purchase or as an entire set included in one volume on our Casts that Catch Fish DVD at …

Tenkara Brook Trout Fishing

Brook Trout Fishing in small streams with my daughter and stepdaughter.…

Fly Fishing: How To Fly Fish Nymphs Or Nymphing

We are launching our channel with Some HOW TO’s to get you started!
We wanted to start our Streem flyfishing tutorials and DIY fishing rigs with nymphing! Nymphing is a crazy productive method that you can use to attract those fish. …

Fly Fishing For Trout – Pocket Casting | TAFishing

Graeme shows you some Totally Awesome Fly Fishing tips that will help you catch more fish! Often on stillwater fly lakes, the fish will either move out to the middle of the lake, or stay in the margins. There are “pockets” that you can cast into which can be fish holding areas. Graeme breaks the pocket cast down for you, he even gets artistic and draws a map to show you how to approach this sort of fishing! Fly Fishing is a fantastic form of fishing, if you ever get the chance we urge you to give it a go! It doesn’t have to all be about the cast, just get out there and experience it! Thanks to all of our Subscribers both old and new, we’re amazed at how big our YouTube Channel has got and it’s all thanks to you guys! – Graeme & Mike
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Fly Fishing For Brown And Rainbow Trout

WATCH IN HD! Took a trip down to the tailwaters of Brookville in search of some fly fishing action. Had a really good day out on the creek and caught some nice fish. Thanks for watching!…

Itus Bones Featurette Fly Fishing Bonefish

10min featurette from the Bonefishing Film “Itu’s Bones”
Produced by On the Fly Productions
See the complete DVD
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Japanese Native Trout Fishing & Sashimi Lunch

I am a trout fisherman from my childhood rather than a deer hunter. October 1st the deer season opens.…

Fly Fishing In The JUNGLE !! (BIG Fish)

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Frontside Salmon – Insane Fly Fishing Evening In Sweden – Frontsidefly

Swedish salmon fishing videos:

Två sjuka laxar i en liten norrlandsälv. Kola wtf!? Sverige! Byskeälven? Torneälven? Piteälven? Öreälven? Lögdeälven? Vindelävlen?…

How To Fly Fish For Carp – With Barry Reynolds

Learn how to better target carp with one of the best carp fishermen of all time.…

SUMMER HAZE – Summer Dry Fly Fishing

Summertime is always a great time to enjoy the rivers and get outdoors. The bugs are plentiful and the wildlife is in full force. This is a small compilation of a couple great dry fly fishing days.
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