Important Fly Fishing Essentials

Different people take up fly fishing in various ways. Some people take it as a hobby some take it a creative art form while there are others who take it as a luxury activity. Whatever might be your perceptions of fly fishing, it is one of the best activities to spend the weekends with great excitement and fun. It is an activity that can be taken up during a holiday adventure where fishing with loved ones can make perfect sense. So, what are the essentials that you require for fly fishing? Have a look below:

Rod for Fly Fishing

The rod is one of the most important tools that you will require for fly fishing. There are different types of rods available for this purpose. However, it is to be noted that fly fishing rods are entirely different from the rods available for conventional or regular fishing. Fly fishing rods are designed in an exclusive manner allowing the users to cast the fly and the fly line. Graphite compounds are used for constructing these rods.


Reels used for fly fishing are not as important as the fly fishing rods.  Fly fishing involves stripping the line without using the hand. Reels for fly fishing are available in primitive designs, and therefore they are not very expensive. Avid anglers palm the fly fishing reels for creating drag.


Fly fishing lines are specifically designed for this purpose. Lines for fly fishing are heavier in comparison to the traditional fishing lines.

Flyfishing And Flytying With Davie McPhail

Fly Tying and Fly Fishing by Davie McPhail
Scotland Fishing Holidays Brown Trout Rivers
Filmed using a Sony DSR-PD170P Dvcam Digital Camcorder…

Setting Up A Basic Fly Fishing Package

Tim Landwehr and Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company brings you this basic video series on fly fishing 101. Check us out at to learn more about fly fishing.…

Boracay Flyfish Adventure

Flyfish is an inflatable raft, being pulled by a speedboat. When the boat speeds up, the raft drifts vertically numerous times while the person/people riding on the raft hangs on for their dear life. In this case, me, Maraya and Lala.

Flyfish adventure in Boracay::…

How To Cast A Fly Fishing Bonefish Rod With Prescott Smith; Andros, BS

Fishing girl Darcizzle gets the bonefish fly fishing tutorial and lesson of a lifetime by legendary world-renowned guide Capt. Prescott Smith, son of “Crazy Charlie,” from the Stafford Creek Lodge in Andros, Bahamas. Learn HOW TO make YOUR first fly rod cast in this video from THE master.


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Barrancoso River Argentina Fly Fishing By Todd Moen

Although it’s not my first video of southern Argentina’s crazy wind, huge trout and amazing scenery, “Barrancoso River” is probably both the most fun and the most challenging video I’ve ever shot for Catch Magazine. It was fun! This is thanks to Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart, of Rajeff Sports, who are nothing less than rocks stars and fabulous anglers. They make it happen in hurricane-like winds and impossible fishing conditions. And they make it fun. There is no other couple I’d rather film, travel with and work with than these two fine folks.

It was challenging also. The winds, the unpredictable weather and the crazy moon rock landscape of this area tested every aspect of my ability as a camera operator and aerial photographer. While the weather was extreme, the huge fish that chased our mouse patterns and bomber flies were also extreme. Thanks to the great crew at Laguna Verde Lodge for getting us to the places with fish and for making the impossible a possibility. Karim Jador is one of the many guides to thank. Like always, I am so thankful for the folks who can get me and my camera gear to the fish. But my biggest gratitude goes to those beautiful, double-digit sized trout that live and survive there long enough for me to film them.

Filmed November 2013 – Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to friends Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart –
And Karim Jador at

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Thanks to Patagonia for all the support with my work with fish and anglers from around the world.

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– Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.

– High quality aerial filter and adapters solutions here – Snake River
Prototyping –
– GoPro 3 Black Edition –
– Sony RX-100
– Panasonic Ag-160a…

Micro Trout Fly Fishing In California

Flying back to Chi-city..thanks for watching homies!
–Young Plugg

Arist — Akryl
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Tying A Clear Stretch Pheasant Tail Nymph By Mak

A Great Pattern all year around
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Fly Fishing Morgan Run With The Troutmen

Fly Fishing. Here is the final cut of the Fly Fishing Morgan Run Episode. This episode will be broken into two parts since I prefer to keep each movie under 10 min. I can only hold your attention for so long. Besides it takes me hours and hours in the editing room to produce a few minutes of final work. So for the sake of my sanity I will break this into two parts. I adjusted the music on this final cut since earlier versions felt too slow. I love the “how you like me now” track. Tell me what you think, I love all the responses I’ve received so far it keeps me motivated to make more! Enjoy!…

Tom Rosenbauer & The Orvis Guide To Fly Fishing | Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing is visually exciting and is motivates many people to begin fly fishing. However, doing it right is not easy and it can be frustrating if you don’t know some basics. Host Tom Rosenbauer covers all the essentials of dry fly fishing which will help you to become more effective on the water.…

Fly Fishing Pocket Water Tactics

Pocket water fly fishing tactics for small streams.…

Brothers On The Fly – Swedish Lapland Fly Fishing Full Film

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A film about three brothers fishing Swedish Lapland together!

At the time, I filmed with the idea in mind of making a film for just my brothers and me. After uploading two shortfilms however, people encouraged me to upload the full film, so: Here it is!!

Since this wasn’t supposed to be made public, I didnt have a script or any plan while filming. Still, I’m quite happy with the result. I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

Don’t expect fishporn!

Interested in the DVD/Blueray? Let me know!

Check out my younger brother as a musician on Facebook and Vimeo: Tom Rollin

If you want to fish Swedish Lapland and perhaps even visit those exact places,
visit my “Swedish” brother’s company’s website!

PS: Sorry for all the smoking!! Smoking is BAD but I just can’t get them to quit or at least not smoke on camera 😉

Kurt Vile – Nicotine Blues
Alexander Blue – Emptiness
Jason Shaw – Plantation
SaRaGeMa – Water
Lohstana David – Petit Talibe Instrumental
Charles Atlas – Photosphere
Father Sleep – Burgundy Reel
Gilicuddy – Jupiter The Blue
Jason Shaw – Acoustic Meditation
The Tallest Man On Earth – Love Is All…

Cuba Saltwater Permit Flyfishing, Jardines Del Rey, Bonefish, Tarpon Paradise 480p

Fly fishing in Kuba, Frank Knossalla fischt mit Markus Müller auf große Permit, Bonefish und Tarpon. Es gelingt sogar ein Grand-Slam ! Sehen Sie 2 (fast) komplette Permit Drills , vom Spotten der Fische bis zur Landung! In den Gärten des Königs fischen Sie in fast 400 km2 unberührter Natur! Moderne Skiff Boote , super Guides und echtes Karibik-Feeling! Wollen Sie mit? Frank ist im Mai 2013 wieder vor Ort!

Permit Fly Fishing in Cuba, Jardines del Rey, Cuba! If your passion is Fly-Fishing- this is the Spot for you! Big Permit ( i would say, one of the best places …) Tarpon, Bonefish and other Hard fighting specimen like Jack Crevalle and Cubera-snappers! You can find an good combination if you are a Spinfisher too, just tell me and i will give you the best advice out of my experiences. Tight lines Folks!

Music by: / Music by Dan-O at…